The importance of exercise

Usually during summer, or just during weekends in the school year, I don’t leave my room. Even if I do, it’s definitely not to go outside and exercise. However, during this past school year, I have had to walk to school because I’m too close for the bus to come get me. I probably lost at least 5-10 pounds, just because I really didn’t get any exercise during last summer. This summer, even though I go outside a lot with Steph, I still spend all my free time inside whenever I’m not hanging out with someone. I’ll call my friends, play video games, watch movies, or read. It may sound boring to others, but I make sure that my mind is always active.

I’m always doing something. I can’t just lay around and do literally nothing, even if that’s what video games sound like. Anyways, this life style, on top of my current diet, which includes no healthy foods, is probably putting me in extremely poor health. I don’t feel unhealthy and I can obviously do any normal activities that a kid would, but I recognize that not moving is bad for you. My dad actually told me once that sitting still is worse for your body than smoking cigarettes. It must suck for people who sit on the couch all day, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I’m surprised anybody like that is still alive. Now that childhood obesity is rampant, I think health and exercise education should be demonstrated in a way that doesn’t appear too preachy to children.

Whenever my P.E. teacher gave us a lecture, nobody listened her. And that was in 8th grade. I can only imagine what an elementary school P.E. class is like. They probably don’t even get anything done. When my dad and I were waiting in line last night for food, I had a discussion with one of the people sitting nearby me about it. He told me that his friend at the reno tow truck place agrees with him on the whole childhood obesity crisis. This whole article may seem like I’m just preaching, especially when I’m guilty of doing all these things, but my generation is the lazy generation. You can call me a hypocrite or say that I’m just doing it for attention, but the fact still exists even without me saying it.

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