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Phoenix’s Top Three Greatest Restaurants

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Phoenix may not be a huge tourist destination for most people, but there are a variety of reasons for that. The one thing that I hear a lot when asking people is their intolerance for the very high temperatures in Arizona. Not a lot of people can stand the heat, especially when they have not experienced it for most of their lives. However, if you do find yourself making your way over to Phoenix for a vacation or business trip, then obviously you will have to eat at some point. I thought I would make your stay a little bit easier and eliminate the trouble of searching for restaurants and waiting in long lines.

italian restaurant in phoenix

The first restaurant you should eat at in Phoenix is Alexi’s Grill, which is an Italian restaurant. Italian restaurants are generally associated with wealth and class, much like French restaurants. Alexi’s Grill is no exception, and sometimes I feel like I should be paying more how considering how much value I get for my money. Price will come later, though. You have to know the location first, of course!

Alexi’s Grill is found near North Park Central in Phoenix, and is only a few streets away from Phoenix College. Even if you’re a student, the prices should be affordable enough for you to enjoy a great meal before or after class. Student debt can get pretty bad, so it is always appreciated when I find a restaurant that really takes its customers into consideration. Alexi’s Grill may primarily be an Italian restaurant, but that does not stop the management and chefs from offering a great deal of different things on the menu. You can order seafood, salads, drinks, whatever you want.

Two of my personal favorite dishes to order are the chicken marsala and chicken caesar salad, and I have heard great things about them in positive reviews as well. If you are unsure what to order, then getting suggestions from Yelp and Google may help. Alternatively, I think that asking your server would be your best bet. The wait staff at Alexi’s Grill are all very attentive and knowledgeable, so you can ask them what is any dish and they will answer immediately. Any staff who perform their job this well deserve praise.

Arizona has plenty of other cities where the restaurant staff’s performance is not up to par, but not here. The waiters at Alexi’s Grill will always make sure that your table is clean before you sit down as well, and your glass should never get empty. From my experience, at least. Once you have your order placed, it will not be long before you’re munching on whatever amazing creation the chefs have prepared for you. If there is one thing to notice about Alexi’s Grill, it is the wait times.

Or lack thereof. Good service should not be a commodity, so expect no shortage of it from this Phoenix restaurant. When I was going to college here, I ate at Alexi’s Grill numerous times. The only thing that prevented me from coming back was my desire to visit the other two restaurants on this list, and that is because they are all equally as good.

As I mentioned before, if you are curious about some of the dishes or you are looking to see what the interior of the restaurant looks like, don’t hesitate for a second. Check out their website, or look for them on Yelp and Google.

phoenix amazing mexican restaurant

The next restaurant on the list is La Santisima. La Santisima offers Mexican food as well, but also gives the option of seafood. This time around, you will be eating nearby McDowell Heights in Phoenix. Because Arizona is closer to the border than most states, it makes sense that Phoenix has a decent amount of Mexican restaurants. However, not all of them are of the same quality.

In fact, I had no trouble at all deciding which Latin restaurant to put on this list. You can order a wide array of Latin food, ranging from chicken to fish to cheese enchiladas. Here, my personal favorite is the chicken enchilada. Chicken is my preferred meat when eating Mexican food. That does not stop me from ordering many other things on the menu though, and I usually order something different each time I visit La Santisima.

Each one is always amazing, and I have no regrets at all. If you eat here enough, like I do, then the staff will begin to recognize you as a regular and remember what you order the most. My family enjoys eating here as well, because it’s a nice environment without a ton of noise.

Great for keeping your kids out of trouble, especially. Again, you will find nothing short of great reviews when checking online. How else could a restaurant stay in business with such low prices?

phoenix pizza restaurant bianco

Pizzeria Bianco also technically serves Italian food, but not in the same vein that Alexi’s Grill does. Because of this, I included it on my list. You will always notice a difference between a pizza that is wood-fired in a restaurant, and a pizza that is poorly slapped together by some greasy kid. There are not a lot of pizza places found in Phoenix’s Warehouse District, so if you live closer to here than the rest of town then you are covered. There is one key thing that I would like to commend Pizzeria Bianco for, and that is their cleanliness.

The food and service are obviously good, but you guys don’t want to hear me talk about that for a third time. You can look up a restaurant’s score on their health inspection, no matter what city you live in. I looked at the one for Pizzeria Bianco, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Sanitation is extra important in a pizzeria’s kitchen, since you are baking things all day long. The management must work pretty closely with a great Hood Cleaning Company, otherwise I don’t know how they do it. If you read a lot of amazing online reviews, sanitation is one thing that pops up a lot. Without it, you put both your staff and customers at risk. Keep up the good work, Pizzeria Bianco!

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