Miami’s Best Restaurants for Dining

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I’m terrible at making home cooked meals, so I eat out a lot. I’ve seen a lot of people in Miami struggling with finding restaurants to eat at, whether it’s because of dietary restrictions or picky eaters. This list is for anybody who either can’t find any good food, or just craves great food from amazing restaurants.

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First up on my list is Versailles Restaurant. Miami wouldn’t be the same if it lacked all the great Cuban food, and it was tough to decide which restaurant to pick. This decision boiled down to one important factor, which I will list later in the review. Many people agree with me that this is the best one, anyway. Just look at the huge pile of positive reviews.┬áVersailles Restaurant is found in the East Coral Gables, near Miami. I’m going to list key three factors that make a restaurant great, to help guide the review. First is food.┬áVersailles Restaurant has an enormous menu, so I’m sure even picky eater will be able to find something on the menu that suits their fancy.

Versailles Restaurant is also a bakery, so you can order all sorts of cakes and sandwiches. I don’t exactly have a favorite dish of theirs, but any sandwich that includes pork is usually what I order. The ingredients are all very fresh, which makes the meals also taste fresh. It’s amazing how that works. Each time I’ve gone, the restaurant is always packed with customers. I haven’t once seen the waiters crack under all that pressure, which is the next factor: service. All the waiters are extremely friendly and accommodating, handling unruly elderly people with skill.

I appreciate how professional they act, giving┬áVersailles Restaurant a high-class feel without sacrificing the affordable prices of a regular restaurant. The final factor is cleanliness. Sanitation is the reason this restaurant is the top Cuban place in town, and I’ll provide an example to show you how. Last time I was there, I asked the owner if I could look at the kitchen while he was making his rounds and making sure everyone was enjoying their meal. He obliged, and I inspected their kitchen while the chefs did their thing.

I was also impressed with the chefs, as they were doing a great job of working in tandem without running into each other or arguing. Nobody was in each other’s way, or anything like that. So anyways, I’m inspecting their kitchen, and then I saw the exhaust hood. Cuban food is never served cold, and with all that grease involved, you know that their grease trap has to at least be a little dirty.

They must have cleaned it that day, otherwise whatever Miami hood cleaning business they work with is the best one I have ever seen. Check out all the positive online reviews if you don’t believe me, and make sure to look at their kitchen as well. You will not be disappointed.

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Alloy Bistro is definitely considered high-caliber, and for good reason. The only part you have to watch out for is their wine selection, as it can be overwhelming. In a good way. This time around, you’ll be eating in Downtown Miami, only about a block from the beachfront. It’s only a few buildings away from the Olympia Theater, so you can even watch a show before or after you go. I wouldn’t recommend taking your food to go, because Alloy Bistro has some great interior decorating. The wine selection was nearly as good as the food selection, with a broad variety of options.

My favorite is the fried pineapple ice cream, which isn’t really an entree but it is the part that I look forward to the most. Food quality is on par with the choices they offer, and my friends have never been disappointed when they dine with me. Mediterranean food isn’t a theme that a lot of people think about or know about, but it’s a very unique style of food that I enjoy once I start to get bored of the same old Miami restaurant food. Service here is great as well. I just love seeing smiling waiters delivering your food, because no matter how terrible their day is they always act professional and earn their tips.

I have been to far too many places where the waiters won’t even look at you, and you’re like the only person in the restaurant. That would never happen in Miami, however, because it has such a dense tourist population that only the best restaurants last. Speaking of population, Alloy Bistro somehow always manages to feel open and roomy, eliminating the claustrophobic feel of some smaller Miami restaurants and bars. Alloy Bistro is also very sanitary, and the waiters regularly wipe down the tables and countertops.

Last time I was there, the waiter actually prevented me from sitting down so that they could make sure the table was clean before I was seated. That’s great customer service. All of this may just make the article appear to be some kind of puff piece, but there’s a reason that I’m calling these the best restaurants in Miami and not the most average. If you remain unconvinced, make sure to read all of the other positive online reviews. Maybe you’ll even find mine in there as well? Who knows.

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Last but not least, I have been waiting this whole time to give an honorable mention to the Jacalito Taqueria. This restaurant is found in the East Coral Gables near Miami as well, leading me to think that it’s becoming a hot spot for tasty food. I’ve always had a sweet spot for this restaurant’s tacos, and they never cease to amaze me with how fresh all of the food tastes. Sometimes you just need that small family-owned business feel when you’re eating dinner.

Although I wouldn’t exactly classify this restaurants as small, because there are always people enjoying their food. I wrote a very good review online after eating here for the first time, so make sure to look for it on Yelp. Very good restaurant overall, especially for Miami

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