Letter to myself as a freshman

Now that Steph’s a freshman, I always give her advice on high school and everything. But now that I’ve been thinking about it a lot more, I realize that there are a ton of things I would tell myself as a freshman. I was way quieter when I was a freshman and never spoke up when I needed something, so I would definitely tell myself not to act that way anymore. The next thing I would bring up is my appearance. I had long, shaggy hair, and I didn’t yet know how to shave, so I had these really gross mutton chops that had never been shaved before. Some of the upper-classmen in ROTC actually threatened to shave me on multiple occasions, because they thought they had power or something.

It’s literally just the pretend military at a school.You’re not some military general who actually deserves respect. A real military commander would spit on them and they would thank him. So I’d probably tell myself that shaving isn’t really that hard so there’s nothing to worry about. The next thing on the list is my grades. I’ve been a terrible student since the beginning of middle school, just because I’m lazy and procrastinate. I would’ve been a terrible employee back then. My buddy who owns the Seattle Restaurant Hood Cleaning Company definitely wouldn’t have hired me, because his workers are always quick and efficient.

Luckily for me, I finally turned that around during this past school year.My cumulative GPA one year was a 1.8, which is terrible even by the dumb kids’ standards. I’m not sure what I would have to tell my past self to whip him into shape, but it would have to be extremely persuasive because I didn’t really listen to anybody when I was a freshman. I have no idea why anybody liked me as a freshman, honestly. Although there were very few who actually did. I was super rude to my english teacher, because it was her first year so nobody treated her with respect. I would definitely tell myself not to think that way anymore, because it probably hurt her feelings a ton. Even if she didn’t show it.

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