Botany class so far

My botany class isn’t actually as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Yeah we have to work outside like manual laborers, but that’s only until we plant our seeds. All the plants I chose will take around 20-50 days to fully mature, but I did that on purpose so we can see our finished product before the class ends. The class actually takes place during the first and last trimester, that way we can grow stuff. We can still grow things in the greenhouse during winter, but only ones that can be transplanted into the garden. So far I decided that I’m going to grow corn, radishes, garlic, green onions, leeks, and parsnips.

They’re all easy to grow and relatively low maintenance, so I can focus on other schoolwork that’s actually important. We’re allowed to plant stuff and come to school during the summer to water it eat day, but I’m not walking a mile there and a mile back so I can sprinkle a little water on some raspberries or something. When I was looking through the seed catalog earlier, a lot of the plants matured in 270 days. That’s a lot of waiting just for a single plant. I guess it makes more sense if you grow them in bulk. Gardening just isn’t my thing. When picking my courses I had the choice of taking either physics or botany, because I failed chemistry during my sophomore year so I still need one more science credit. I took microbiology last year, which was okay. I liked the seniors in that class a lot because I had already known them from previous classes, so that helped.

I would always talk about starting a small business with them, because it seemed like they knew so much about economics and everything. Maybe we could have moved to Las Vegas together and started a las vegas liquor license business? I didn’t keep in touch with any of them, so who knows where they are now. We get to pick a gardening group to help us, but out of my three partners, I’m the only one who shows up every class. I missed my first three days of school for Charlie’s wedding, so everyone else got to pick all their partners. My seat isn’t even in the main area with all the desks, I have to sit off to the side by the counters on a barstool.

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